Zoraya Nunez
2017-18 Women's Track & Field
Long Distance
Tyler, TX
Robert E. Lee HS
Zoraya Nunez

High School: Graduated from Robert E. Lee in Tyler. 

Personal: Daughter of Zoraya and Martin Nunez. Has three siblings, Martin, Zhamira and Marco. 

Major: Biology

Career aspiration: Physician 

Why UT Tyler?: When I came to UT Tyler is automatically became the home I was looking for. Meeting some athletes and the coaches made it even better because it eager me to accomplish my goals even more.

Favorite food: Sushi/sea food 
Who is your hero: my madre 
Favorite musician: J Balvin 
What makes you laugh the most: memes 
Favorite actress and actor: Julia Roberts and Kevin Hart 
Two pet peeves: rudeness, fake people 
Favorite book: Unbroken 
How many hours of sleep you need: About 6 
Favorite TV show: Dexter 
First job: Babysitter 
Favorite movie: Wonder Woman 
Dream job: OBGYN Physician 
Favorite hobby: soccer, running, learning 
Your favorite nickname: Zee!

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