UT Tyler Spirit Squad coach doubles as Rockets cheerleader

Monday, February 6, 2017

TYLER – UT Tyler Spirit Squad head coach Maggie Williams Koehn is in her first season leading the Patriots cheer and dance team and is on the Houston Rockets Launch Crew where she and her team “bring the party to the court”.

A Tyler native, Koehn cheered and graduated from Baylor University and was on The Blue Stampede which is a stunt team for the Indianapolis Colts. She has been involved in cheer and dance her entire life and is working to build the UT Tyler Spirit Squad into one of the top programs that attract talented and enthusiastic members to campus while supporting the athletic program.

We caught up with Koehn to talk about cheering for the Rockets and her experience so far and goals for the UT Tyler program.

@uttylerpatriots: What do you enjoy most about cheering for the Rockets?

MK: “It's always fun to continue pursuing something you love when most others your age would or have not. The most exciting thing this season so far is the fact that the Rockets are extremely good. Who doesn't love cheering on a team that wins?” 

@uttylerpatriots: What kind of dance/cheer does your group do at Rockets’ games?

MK: “We will do time our performances that consist of the guys throwing us in the air, or we will tumble. We also have break dancers and poppers on our team. I however cannot spin on my head like them.”

@uttylerpatriots: How exciting is it to be in the NBA environment when you’re on the court performing for so many people?

MK: “From college football to basketball to NFL to NBA each one has a different fan base, but when it comes to the NBA we are so extremely close to the players and fans at all times that it takes that excitement to a new level for sure.”

@uttylerpatriots: What has been the coolest experience you’ve had so far being on the team?

MK: “I have had so many it is hard to pick but honestly one of my favorite and it is so cheesy is that on New Year's Eve my husband was able to come and have floor seats. Nothing is cooler than taking a picture on the floor of the Rockets court after a big win. That's something we will be able to show our kids. Especially whenever they want to pursue something in their life that most others wouldn't we can be living proof that they should.”

@uttylerpatriots: How did you become a part of the team?

MK: “There were tryouts this summer. About 75 people tried out and there are 23 of us on the team.”

@uttylerpatriots: What is the biggest challenge of being on a professional cheer team?

MK: “Staying in shape to another level and driving back late. Most Tuesday we have practice and I will leave Tyler around 5 p.m. to get to going for practice at 8:30 p.m. and then drive home after it ends. ETA 2:30 am ... you're only young once right? It's worth it!!” 

@uttylerpatriots: How do you think working with the Rockets can make you a better Spirit Squad coach here at UT Tyler?

MK: “I love working with coaches and other coordinators. A lot of how organized and creative I am comes from how different professional and collegiate teams are led and managed. Not only does it push my athletes to stay on top of their athletic game but I also am able to take what I learn from these teams and make the Spirit Squads thrive and more exciting to watch.”

@uttylerpatriots: What are you enjoying the most about working with the UT Tyler Spirit Squad?

MK: “My masters is in higher education. I will graduate in August with a Masters of Science in College Student Personnel. This was a gift from God truly. UT Tyler and the students have given me the opportunity to build a program from the ground up and run with it. We have big things coming in the future for the Spirit Squads. I am so thankful for the trust and support not only Dr. Patterson has given me but also all of the coaches and staff.”

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